Most Resilient and Consistent Cannabis Strain in Harsh Conditions

When you first encounter cannabis strains being sold on the Internet, you may think the business is illegal as the drug is widely popular and is relatively one of the five main drugs that are prohibited to use by governments. However, cannabis strains are accessible to individuals who are age 18 and above and mainly serve the purpose of medical, educational and informational studies only. I’m talking about Seedbank. Whether you’re a botanist who is currently studying this type of plant or a college student who wishes to educate himself in the properties of this plant, cannabis strains are made accessible on the Internet and can be selected from a diverse range of strain options.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, cannabis strains are large in types or classes: Super Skunk, White Widow, Durban Poison, Purple Power Bud and Big Bud to name a few. The strains are usually named after the grower or producer to differentiate one strain from another. Depending on where you wish to use it, there are several factors that come into play when choosing a cannabis strain that is consistent and resilient to extreme conditions. One factor that needs your careful consideration is the growing area of your marijuana strain. Are you planning to cultivate it inside the house or outside?

There are diverse types of cannabis strains you’ll see being produced and sold on a Seedbank. These strains are sub-classified into outdoor and indoor types. If you are planning to grow them indoors, then you can choose from a lot of non-sensitive and easy-to-care-for strains. However, make sure that you choose strains that do not produce undesirable odors as some indoor cannabis strains are known to impose strong odors that are unpleasant indoors. Another factor is the target you wish to reach when growing these plants. Do you want to end up with a handful of marijuana buds or do you want to achieve the best marijuana high among anything else? Also, ask yourself how potent or strong your marijuana strains will grow to be. Most prefer the potency to be as humane as possible; although this is correct, it is important to realize that not all cannabis strains possess equal effects. The results may range from mildly happy to paranoid to thought-provoking. It is important that you do some research prior to investing money on the plant you buy.

Here are some of the best Marijuana Strains

that are known to withstand harsh conditions and be reliable and consistent in the entire growth and development process.

First is the Super Silver Haze.This is a hybrid of natural haze sativa combined with a Skunk#1 and a Northern Light. It is considered as one of the most popular Marijuana Strains in genetics and is surely one of the favorites of growers. Super Silver Haze buds smell amazingly sharp with a hint of spice and produce a scary high feeling with a very dynamic body sensation. In general, this hybrid cannabis strain is state-of-the-art in terms of simple Haze hybrids, which are created to amaze both Cannabis Breeder and consumer alike.

Another is Mataro Blue, which is also a crowd favorite, especially in Spain and other regions of Europe. It combines the great genes of three different amazing plants, namely Blueberry, Black Domina and the original Afghan plant. It is easy to cultivate and the produce is a lot more generous. In terms of taste, the strain is tasty, somewhat fruity and sweet. The smoke passes smoothly into the lungs.

Another example of the best Marijuana Strains that can withstand extreme conditions is the AK-47. This marijuana strain is legendary and, for some, is the best Marijuana Strains that is derived from the Serious Seeds. Some refer to it as a “one hit wonder”, hence it was termed as the AK-47. The high it induces is very difficult and offers a hard feel with prolonged effects of being stoned. For the taste, the AK-47 is somewhat sweet and spicy yet isn’t hard on the palate at all.

Chocolope is also one of the best cannabis sativa when it comes to reliability and durability when faced with harsh environmental conditions. The taste is very smooth and somewhat chocolaty. The taste also induces the combined feelings of energetic and euphoric and lasts a long period of time. In terms of cultivating the strain, it is a lot easier for a Cannabis Breeder and has an almost unreal yet amazing smoke that will make you fall in love with Chocolope.

When purchasing marijuana strains, you should plan ahead of time and know what you want to grow when starting to canvass for viable options on the Internet or from local growers that you can find near your area. Although the practice of growing and developing strains of cannabis sativa is legal, it is important to balance the activity in order to avoid getting too addicted with the product. Remember, it is mainly used for research and to further understand the plant itself and not just to smoke some weed and get high